Crazy Magic: The Gathering Booster Opening

Posted by faustzar 14/08/2017 0 Comment(s)

Today was a crazy day in the shop, two customers came to play casual Magic: The Gathering.

They started trading some cards, and one customer bought a booster for the other customer for some of the cards they traded, the following insane sequence of events occured: The customer opens the Amonkhet booster and pulls a Invocation Vindicate from the booster, he asked if we would not mind trading him some more boosters for the vindicate as he will not be using it, we traded him a Amonkhet Deckbuilders Toolkit and 2 Amonkhet bootster for the Vindicate.

He opens the Deckbuilders toolkit and pull an Eye of Ugin Expedition from the Oath of the Gatewatch booster ( I did not know these were still in the Amonkhet deckbuilders toolkit), again he does not want the expedition, we trade him a Amonkhet Bundle and 2 Hour of Devastation boosters for the Eye of Ugin.

He pulls a Invocation Aggravated Assault from the Bundle Boosters, we traded him another deck builders toolkit and an Amonkhet booster for the Aggravated Assault.

What an amazing day, more than 600 cards from one 15 card booster.


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