Amonkhet Invocations - MPS

Amonkhet Invocations is a promotional Magic set of 54 foil cards that are randomly inserted in boosters of the Amonkhet block.[The theme of the set is the Amonkhet gods, their magic and their servants. The set is part of the Masterpiece Series.

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Aggravated Assault - Amonkhet Invocations (FOIL)

Card Type: EnchantmentCasting Cost: 2RCard Text: 3RR: Untap all creatures you control..

R490.00 Ex Tax: R490.00

Capsize - Amonkhet Invocations (FOIL)

Card Type: InstantCasting Cost: 1UUCard Text: Buyback 3 (You may pay an addition..

R560.00 Ex Tax: R560.00

Vindicate - Amonkhet Invocation (FOIL)

Card Type: SorceryCasting Cost: 1WBCard Text: Destroy target permanent.Oracle Text:&n..

R490.00 Ex Tax: R490.00