Magic 2011 - M11

Magic 2011 - M11

Magic: The Gathering 2011 Core Set (a.k.a Magic 2011 and M11) is the Core Set that was released on July 16, 2010. The worldwide Prerelease took place July 10-11 [2], and Launch Parties took place July 16-18.

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Fauna Shaman

Card Type: CreatureCreature Type: Elf ShamanPower/Toughness: 2/2Casting Cost: 1G..

R190.00 Ex Tax: R190.00

Glacial Fortress

Card Type: LandCard Text: Glacial Fortress enters the battlefield tapped unless you contro..

R65.00 Ex Tax: R65.00

Lightning Bolt

Card Type: InstantCasting Cost: RCard Text: Lightning Bolt deals 3 damage to target c..

R60.00 Ex Tax: R60.00

Sunpetal Grove

Card Type: LandCard Text: Sunpetal Grove enters the battlefield tapped unless you control ..

R45.00 Ex Tax: R45.00