Eldritch Moon - EMN

Eldritch Moon - EMN

Eldritch Moon is the 71st Magic expansion, and the second in the Shadows over Innistrad block. It was released on July 22, 2016, and is a small expansion.

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Bedlam Reveler

Card Type: CreatureCreature Type: Devil HorrorPower/Toughness: 3/4Casting Cost: ..

R15.00 Ex Tax: R15.00

Collective Brutality

Card Type: SorceryCasting Cost: Card Text: Escalate—Discard a card. (Pay this co..

R160.00 Ex Tax: R160.00


Card Type: CreatureCreature Type: ZombiePower/Toughness: 1/1Casting Cost: BCard ..

R45.00 Ex Tax: R45.00

Deploy the Gatewatch

Card Type: SorceryCasting Cost: 4WWCard Text: Look at the top seven cards of your lib..

R20.00 Ex Tax: R20.00

Elder Deep-Fiend

Card Type: CreatureCreature Type: Eldrazi OctopusPower/Toughness: 5/6Casting Cost:&nb..

R20.00 Ex Tax: R20.00

Eldritch Evolution

Card Type: SorceryCasting Cost: 1GGCard Text: As an additional cost to cast Eldritch ..

R30.00 Ex Tax: R30.00

Gisa and Geralf

Card Type: Legendary CreatureCreature Type: Human WizardPower/Toughness: 4/4Casting C..

R30.00 Ex Tax: R30.00

Grim Flayer

Card Type: CreatureCreature Type: Human WarriorPower/Toughness: 2/2Casting Cost: ..

R220.00 Ex Tax: R220.00

Liliana, the Last Hope

Card Type: PlaneswalkerSubtype: LilianaLoyalty: 3Casting Cost: 1BBCard Text:&nbs..

R470.00 Ex Tax: R470.00

Oath of Liliana (Foil)

ard Type: Legendary EnchantmentCasting Cost: 2BCard Text: When Oath of Liliana enters..

R30.00 Ex Tax: R30.00

Splendid Reclamation

Card Type: SorceryCasting Cost: 3GCard Text: Return all land cards from your graveyar..

R30.00 Ex Tax: R30.00