Amonkhet Deck Builders Toolkit

Out Of Stock Amonkhet Deck Builders Toolkit

What is in the box? A bunch of cards, a stack of basic lands (including some full-art basic lands from Amonkhet) as well as some dual-colored taplands, four 15-card booster packs, a deck-builders guide, a 'learn to play' guide, and a card storage box. The bulk of the cards are from Amonkhet, along with a smattering of cards from Kaladesh block, and a handful of Welcome Deck 2017 reprints. There's nothing from Shadows over Innistrad or Oath of the Gatewatch blocks represented in the bundled cards.

The boosters that came in my box were one each from Amonkhet, Aether Revolt, Kaladesh, and (strangely) Oath of the Gatewatch.

Note that while the box claims there are '125 semi-randomized cards', the truth is that 85 of those 125 are actually fixed and don't vary between boxes. The remaining 40 constitute the semi-randomized portion -- you'll get 4 groups of 10 cards, each group representing a possible deck building strategy. Upon opening the pack, these will be the groups that are separated from one another by an Evolving Wilds card. If you're using this product for its designated function of deckbuilding, it's at least worth looking over these groups to get a better idea as to how your deck could be put together.

That said, would I recommend this as a first purchase for someone just getting into Magic? No. For your first purchase, you'd be better off buying one of the preconstructed Planeswalker decks. They're fairly cheap, and they present you with a full deck that you can learn the fundamentals of the game with and not have to worry about actually building a deck. This product is a good second purchase, as it will allow you to expand the deck you already have, as well as explore new decks and strategies.

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